What is Rockaoke?

Rockaoke is like Karaoke. Except it isn't.

It is SOOOO much better. 

ROCKAOKE is when a rock band (us!) invites members of the audience (you!) up on stage to sing with them.

There is never a shortage of people who are keen to jump on stage and sing with a LIVE band. If you've ever had a secret (or blatant!) fantasy to front a band and rock out, or you have simply been curious to see what it would be like - Rockaoke is your chance.

Husband's birthday coming up? Is he having a mid-life crisis? Having us play at his birthday party, and having him sing with us, will stop him feeling the need to buy a new Ferrari - Guaranteed.*

There is a list of dozens of songs to choose from. (see the Setlist page on this site). This list can be sent to your guests in advance, and / or made available at ROCKAOKE Nights. We can brand them with your corporate logo if that is your thing.

Would-be participants are asked to provide their name(s) and select a song. When their turn comes, singers are invited to join the band onstage. Lyrics are provided either on lyric sheets or on a screen but the music is "LIVE" - so no karaoke machines or bouncy balls!

Guests can come up solo and experience the amazing buzz of being a Rock Star frontman (or woman), or use "strength in numbers" to alleviate nerves and hook up with friends to sing together. 

We usually find that once one or two people have done it, and the ice is broken - that the rest of the night is spent trying to wrestle the mic from people's hands, so that everyone gets a turn!

Live the dream. Make your fantasies come true. Don't just party - ROCKAOKE!

* NOT guaranteed