Erin's Party Guests - Unleash your inner rock star!

Mind the Gap are honored to be playing at Erin's 39th Birthday Party! - We are New Canaan's Award-winning Best Local Rock Band (Best of the Gold Coast Awards 2016 and 2017) and we ROCK - but we have a problem! Our singer is away! So to celebrate Erin's birthday, we need YOU to get up and sing Rockaoke with us!

What is Rockaoke?

Rockaoke is like Karaoke. Except it isn't. It is SOOOO much better. 

ROCKAOKE is when a rock band (us!) invites members of the audience (you!) up on stage to sing with them. Click play on the image below to see a short video that tells you more about what makes us unique, and the Rockaoke experience:

If you've ever had a secret (or blatant!) fantasy to front a group and rock out, or you have simply been curious to see what it would be like - THIS is your chance to jump on stage and sing with a LIVE band! We provide the lyrics on a scrolling screen and moral support - we'll get you back on track if you get lost. You can come up solo and experience the amazing buzz of being a Rock Star frontman (or woman), or use "strength in numbers" to alleviate nerves and hook up with friends to sing together. It's the best fun you will ever have!

What better way to help Erin celebrate her big day?

I'm in! How do I sign up?

For a chance to sing a song with Mind the Gap as one of our Guest Lead Singers for one night only, complete the details below, and if you are lucky, your name(s) could be picked to be the star of the show!

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Mind the Gap rocked our party. There’s nothing like having the chance to sing with a live band
— Simon Bradley - Senior Vice President of Marketing at Madison Square Garden